Forever Locked

It is a rewarding experience to find a large moose or deer antler. Successful shed hunters across the state have gathered impressive collections of drops of all shapes and sizes, but for one fortunate sportsman, a find in the fall of 2003 represents one of Mother Nature’s most powerful and rare events in the wild kingdom. 

“Forever Locked” is a life-size, museum-quality taxidermy exhibit depicting a rare, natural event that occurred near an early settlement known as Fowlertown, located in Gile State Forest, Springfield, NH (in the Upper Valley-Lake Sunapee Region of New Hampshire). While out for an exploratory hike in the Gile State Forest in 2003, outdoorsman Ray Deragon skillfully followed his senses and uncovered two moose forever locked in the wilds of New Hampshire.  Nature had taken its course, but the bulls’ antlers remained and told the story of their incredible battle. The display is based on an actual event in which two bull moose permanently locked antlers while dueling, causing their deaths. The story of how the locked moose were found is well worth the read. Click here to learn more.

We travel the region with our “boys”, showcasing the grandeur of these majestic animals, educating everyone about life in the outdoors, sharing moose facts, and rallying support and excitement around outdoor, natural recreation in New Hampshire.

The charitable goals of Forever Locked are to educate both kids and adults on New Hampshire’s natural world, provide scholarship support for youth to attend New Hampshire’s Barry Conservation Camp, and contribute to conserving wild places in the Granite State.

Investment Opportunities:  Corporate partners, organizational sponsors, and individual donors are part of our collaborative work to promote New Hampshire’s wonderful outdoor-way-of-life, our natural heritage, and the beauty of our lakes, streams, mountains, seacoast, and other outdoor habitats.

We offer tremendous opportunities for sponsors to invest in this ongoing and exciting project, where funds will be put to use right here in New Hampshire.

Launching one of the most valuable exhibits in New Hampshire’s outdoor history took a mountain of generous individual, corporate, organizational, and community investors, and keeping “the boys” in top shape continue to require charitable support.  More information about how to support Forever Locked can be found here.

Hosting Opportunities: Interested in hosting Forever Locked at your outdoor recreation show, school, or community event?  Click here to learn more

Special thanks to pencil drawing artist Ryan Jacque for creating our Forever Locked logo