Help Save the Hot Hole Pond Fishing Pier

Not everyone has the ability to get out to fish with ease, because many of us have a disability that limits our mobility. The fishing pier at Hot Hole Pond in East Concord was specially designed so that those in wheelchairs or with other movement-impaired conditions can get close to the pond to fish.

Hot Hole Pond is stocked annually with trout by NH Fish and Game, and is within easy access for many in Central New Hampshire. A boat ramp on Hot Hole Pond was built by NH Fish and Game in 1958 and refurbished in 2015, but the fishing pier, built in 1991, remains in disrepair.

hot hole pondThe pier is reaching the end of its safe, useful life. NH Fish and Game has made basic repairs, but the pier needs a complete rebuild to ensure it remains safe and can accommodate a growing population of anglers with mobility concerns. The project cost is $60,000, but unfortunately budget constraints at NH Fish and Game have pushed this fishing pier down the priority list, and we don’t want to see the pier closed. The Department receives federal grant money through Wildlife and Sportfish Restoration Funds to apply to the Department’s fisheries programs. This pier project would be eligible for federal funds, but because these grants require non-federal match your donation may be critical to leverage the additional funds needed. In general, projects such as these are eligible for a federal match rate of 3:1. This means for every dollar you donate it could match as much as $3 to the overall cost of this project. This is why we are asking for your help! Please consider making a donation today.

The Wildlife Heritage Foundation of NH is the official non-profit partner of NH Fish and Game. Our Mission is to support the Education, Conservation, Wildlife and Law Enforcement programs of NH Fish and Game. The Foundation has agreed to set up a restricted account to receive and protect all donations to this important project. You can donate online, or send a check made payable to Wildlife Heritage Foundation of NH, 54 Portsmouth Street, Concord, NH  03301. Please note that your gift is for the Hot Hole Pond Pier.

Your donation takes us “one wooden plank closer” to building a new accessible fishing pier!

For more information on the pier, contact NH Fish and Game Boat Access Coordinator Garret Graaskamp at (603) 271-1748.