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Welcome to the Wildlife Heritage Foundation of
New Hampshire

Working to keep New Hampshire’s Great Outdoors
Thriving for Future Generations

A pristine clear lake at dawn. The cool damp of the forest floor. The panorama from a mountain trail. A hawk soaring overheard. A flash of fur as an animal darts nearby. This is the great outdoors of New Hampshire. This is your heritage, and why you love it.

The Wildlife Heritage Foundation of New Hampshire helps fund the critical educational, conservation and wildlife programs of the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department. Through grants, we help educators, conservationists and wildlife experts leverage resources to keep our lands and wildlife communities healthy and abundant for hiking, wildlife watching, fishing, hunting and boating. Now, and in the future, for our children and generations to come.

But we can’t do it alone. We need your support.

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Wildlife Education, Conservation & Management Programs

Through grants and partnerships with corporate sponsors, WHFNH supports key programs offered by the
New Hampshire Fish and Game Department. Here are just a few.

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