November 28, 2018 – The Wildlife Heritage Foundation of NH, the official nonprofit partner of New Hampshire’s Fish and Game Department, announced its recently awarded grants to the Department.  The Foundation raises critical dollars to support Fish & Game’s under-funded and un-funded programs in the areas of wildlife, conservation, education, fisheries, and law enforcement.

Eight grants totaling $50,728 were awarded to New Hampshire’s Fish and Game Department earlier this fall, providing support to help keep New Hampshire’s wild things and wild places wild.  “It’s always a challenge to narrow down the incredibly important proposals in such a way that we can make both a lasting impact on New Hampshire’s great outdoors, while sustaining future efforts, including funding, that will help us make these enhancements last as long as possible for the benefit of our great state”, commented Deborah L. Coffin, chair of the Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Throughout the year the Foundation raises charitable contributions to fund these and other important projects, activities, and events.  These recent grants were largely funded through the annual auction of a moose permit hunting license and generous support from Engel Entertainment, producers of North Woods Law New Hampshire.

The Foundation awarded funding for a depth finder and chart plotter for three of the Law Enforcement Division’s boats, and a portion of the re-design project for the HikeSafe program’s website. Additionally, the Wildlife Heritage Foundation of NH funded dive team replacement gear, including face masks with updated underwater communication devices and 20 new SCUBA tanks.  Coffin explained, “We are fortunate to have such a great service in New Hampshire, even though most of our dive team missions are for search and recovery operations.  It’s one of those Fish and Game Department services that we don’t often like to think about, but we all know is vital and necessary.  I’m always amazed at the heroic nature of our dive team and am happy that the Foundation can once again provide this critical funding need for the safety of our Conservation Officers.”

The Foundation continued its support of the state fish hatcheries by awarding funds to the Warren Fish Hatchery for anti-predation measures.  This is the fourth state hatchery to receive funds from the Foundation, which will increase hatchery production and improve water quality in hatchery runoff.

The Wildlife Heritage Foundation of NH also awarded important funds for conservation, education, and outreach.  Grants were awarded to create hands-on educational displays for the Marine Division Outreach program, to purchase equipment for the New England Cottontail Captive Breeding program and for important restoration funding for the remaining 7,500 feet of Silver Brook, part of the comprehensive Nash Stream Restoration project.

The Foundation will again be the main funder and named sponsor for Discover Wild New Hampshire Day, which is planned for Saturday, April 20, 2019 at New Hampshire Fish and Game Headquarters in Concord.  Thousands of families join us every spring to learn more about NH’s outdoors, talk with product representatives, visit with our conservation and canine officers, and learn more about how our outdoor recreation organizations and clubs partner together to keep New Hampshire’s great history and spirit of outdoor life alive and prosperous.

The Wildlife Heritage Foundation of NH, the official nonprofit partner of New Hampshire Fish and Game, raises funds in support of Fish and Game’s critical wildlife, conservation, fisheries, law enforcement, and educational programs important to New Hampshire family traditions of hiking, fishing, hunting and watching wildlife, and is dedicated to preserving these wild places and wild things in NH for our children and generations to come.