Current Grant Projects

2019-2020 NH Fish & Game Grants

White Mountain Fritillary Incubator – The White Mountain fritillary is a glacial relict – a butterfly species endemic only to the White Mountain National Forest alpine zone. Objective of the grant is to increase survival of captive raised White Mountain Fritillary larvae to perform critical research on their host plant requirements.

The Concord Monitor’s David Brooks interviewed the NH Fish and Game biologist and project manager, Heidi Holman, for an article that was published in the Concord Monitor on August 31, 2020. White Mountain Fritillary article – Concord Monitor

OHRV & Snowmobile Safety Program – Replenish safety and promotional equipment to educate children and adults in OHRV & snowmobile safety.

Law Enforcement Boat Electronics – Depth finder and plotter replacement

Inland Fisheries Scientific Data Collection – Collect data on various fish populations, predominately wild brook trout, and their habitat to preserve and protect the species as well as prioritize and restore their environment.

Dive Team Equipment – Update/replace some equipment used by the Law Enforcement’s Dive Team.

Discover Wild New Hampshire Day – Funding for the annual Discover Wild NH Day event hosted by NH Fish and Game and sponsored by the Wildlife Heritage Foundation of NH.

Berlin Hatchery Young’s Raceway Covers – Build a series of raised permanent enclosures to provide a non-lethal protection from predators, reduce fish inventory loss, reduce unintentional disease introduction, improve safety precautions on the grounds and improve water quality of Young’s effluent.

Wildlife Data Collection Tablets – Purchase tow iPad Pro 11-inch and two iPad mini devices with internal GPS and shockproof, water resistant cases. Needed for field worker’s data collection.

Vertical Pollinator Garden Exhibit – Exhibit at the Great Bay Discovery center of an expandable green wall that has a two-fold purpose. First, to employ green features on the campus to inspire visitors to incorporate similar ideas in their own homes and landscapes. Second, by having the Vertical Garden outside the Great Bay Discovery Center in can be used as an example for a workshop that will teach participants how to build their own living walls outside of their schools and ways to incorporate this into their curriculum. The wall was completed in June of 2020. Plans for workshops are underway.

2019 – 2020 Durant Fund Education Grants

Urban Wildlife Education Program – The Urban Wildlife Education Program is in partnership with the NH Audubon Massabesic Center. In urban settings, educating youth about wildlife can be very challenging due to the lack sources and knowledge among most educators about urban wildlife. Children who participated in experiential learning projects centered on wildlife and habitats within their school grounds, increased children’s awareness, knowledge and attitudes for local biodiversity.

2020 Wild Times for Kids – Write, illustrate, print and distribute approximately 45,000 copies of Wild Times for Kids to third-sixth grade classrooms and youth groups throughout the state.

Schoolyard Wildlife Action Grants – Fund NH Fish and Game Schoolyard Wildlife Action grants through and existing partnership called “Schoolyard Action Grants”. Provide annual funding and support for a variety of schoolyard projects designed to connect school-age children and youth to the outdoors and wildlife. Partners include NH Audubon, US Fish & Wildlife Service and NH Project Learning Tree.

Nature Backpack Loan Program – Fund supplies for nature themed backpacks to be loaned out. Backpacks will be filled with maps, books, binoculars, nets, etc. to families for their visit to a town or state park. Partner with local libraries to loan out the backpacks. Pilot program in Manchester, NH

2020 Wildlife Education School and Community Youth Programs – Purchase supplies necessary to carry out various wildlife education programs that reach youth around the state. The programs funded include the Winter Severity Index Data Collection Program, Project WILD, Below Zero and Wonders of Wildlife Program.

Video Stream Restoration for Aquatic Species Education and Outreach to NH Schools and Communities – Fund a video project and qquipment needed to help create a stream restoration for aquatic species video. The video will be used to help educate and explain the functioning of our natural world to students and the communities they reside in.