2014 Moose Auction Winner

7 bids from 4 states were received for this year’s auction of 2 permits. Both winners are from NH, and the highest bidder received a free LHR muzzleloader. The 3 runners-up received a free hunting or fishing license of their choice. Here are pictures and comments from our 2 top bidders:

2014_moose_hunt_-_shane_brady[1]What a rewarding and memorable day! I harvested a 780 pound bull with a 53” spread after only 45 minutes into the hunt in Zone C1! My thanks to the NH Guide Services for their expertise, and to the Wildlife Heritage Foundation of NH for the opportunity to participate in the hunt and support the Foundation’s goals.
~ Shane Brady, New Hampshire

I2014_moose_hunt_hampers_photog_IMG_9173[1]t was a terrific hunt, and I successfully harvested an 800 pound bull with a massive 61” spread. Beautiful animal! Great job by the NH Guide Service, and my thanks to the Wildlife Heritage Foundation of NH for such a rewarding experience!” Photographer Michael Pestana is pictured with the moose.
~ Hunters name withheld upon request