2010 Moose Auction Winner

New Hampshire Rated Very High for Hunting Experience in 2010

Jennifer and Ludwig Boehler came up to New Hampshire last fall to participate in the annual moose hunt as two of five winners in the 2010 Moose Permit Auction run by the Foundation. Much like Joe Hill from Mississippi – who reported a memorable hunting and guiding experience here in New Hampshire in 2009 – the Boehlers tell a similar story:

“This moose hunt was an absolutely incredible experience. Having hunted throughout most of the U.S. and Africa several times, we compare this experience to those, and felt the challenge, intrigue, and ultimate reward rates this as one of our favorite hunts.

Requesting that they be notified of next auction, the Bohlers expressed their real appreciation for the opportunity to have this experience and support the work of the Foundation at the same time.

2010 New Hampshire Moose Hunt
Ludwig and Jennifer Boehler with their 2010 “trophy” moose. Courtesy photo.

Additional Comments

What a great time. I harvested a 42-inch-spread bull that dressed out at 692 lbs.; it was one of the most fun hunts that I have taken over the years. I am sure the donated funds (from the auction) will be well used, and I am already looking forward to the auction for next year.”

– Mike Bennamann

“We were in the Pittsburg area most of the time…I shot a large cow moose, 530 lbs, but Robert didn’t shoot anything.  He passed on a cow and a small bull, but he still had a lot of fun.”

– Deborah Remillard